Please review the Discretionary Fund guidelines below before completing this form. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Black Public Media (BPM) discretionary funding supports:

non-fiction documentaries

short fiction (under 30 minutes)

Non fiction web shorts & web series

Projects should be at or near completion phase. We will only consider R&D requests from previous BPM Grantees or well seasoned public media producers.  If you are unsure of the types of projects we fund, please review our list of program content.

BPM will consider support for a wide range of subject matter about the African American/African Diaspora experience, including BPM staples of contemporary art, culture and history. However, we are actively seeking content about the following subject matter:

1. Health in Black Communities (i.e. i.e. Women’s health & reproductive rights, mental health, diabetes, health services) 

2. Environmental issues impacting people of African Descent

3. Immigration

4. LGBTQ Rights

4. Mass Incarceration

Your project should meet at least one of the following criteria for completion funding:

--Broadcast commitment from one of the national PBS strands (i.e. Indie Lens, POV, American Masters, Frontline, American Experience, NOVA);

--Distirbution via PBS, PBS Plus, WORLD Channel, American Public Television, or NETA

--Web streaming commitment on PBS Digital Studios or Story Cast

--Considered for BPM's AfroPoP Series

--R&D Requests from previous BPM Grantees or seasoned public media producers

Projects selected for funding will receive an BPM funding contract. The contract is not a grant but a licensing agreement in which NBPC is granted exclusive or shared domestic public television distribution rights as well as the exclusive or shared right to package, schedule and promote the program through public broadcasting. BPM makes no expressed or implied commitment to financially support a project until an agreement is signed by both the applicant and BPM. As a condition of the funding contract, producers must agree to NBPC’s standard terms and conditions, including the following:

--For broadcast projects, assignment to BPM of public television broadcast rights for four (4) years over national public television, off-air record rights, and internet streaming rights;

--For web projects only, assignment to BPM of streaming rights for three (3) years;

--Funding and/or Presentation credit to BPM and CPB;

--Net revenues must be shared with BPM from the exercise of subsidiary or ancillary rights over a fifteen year period;

--Financial books and records related to the production must be maintained for 3
years following the receipt of funds or net revenues by the producers.

Producers must comply with all equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination laws and policies, payola/plugola requirements and other applicable federal and state rules and regulations.