AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange has delighted audiences for ten seasons. It's stories are as beautiful as they are poignantly told. Black Public Media (BPM) is committed to bringing to the American public dynamice stories that celebrate the art, culture and creativity of people of African descent.

We are looking for strong stories that will capture the breadth and scope of the diversity of experiences of contemporary African peoples. Programs can be about music, art, human rights, sports, politics, health, or anything in between.  The can be set on the African continent, the US, Caribbean, South America, Europe, Middle East, South Pacific, Asia, or wherever people of African descent have made an impact. 

Programs should be accessible to a broad audience, have the potential for a national broadcast, and can be used for effective outreach and engagement activities to reach audiences beyond the public television broadcast. Completed programs must be able to meet PBS technical standards as outlined in the PBS Red Book (for more information visit the PBS Red Book site). We seek primarily documentaries, but will consider narrative shorts less than 30 minutes. 

AfroPoP  airs on WORLD Channel and is distributed by American Public Television.

AfroPoP programs are considered year round.